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If it's worth recovering...

... it's worth protecting!

FLEXIBLE can be used on most surfaces and materials from paper to steel, so you can protect all of your high value commercial, industrial and personal physical assets

SECURE:  forensic markers are unique to each client, positive ID of your assets ensured; a practical  “Overt” feature can be delivered so UV light reveals the marker location

DISCRETE:  invisible to the naked eye; the security solution containing the suspended forensic marker is sprayed on assets with no impact to the visual appearance of the asset; marker location can be recorded in a registry with a digital photo

STABLE AND PERMANENT: 5 year warranty; will not wear off or fade even in outdoor conditions with prolonged exposure to rain, snow and direct sunlight

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE:  non-toxic and non-hazardous

PROVEN:  analyzed and tested using established methods by a major Canadian forensic firm

Make life more difficult for thieves!

Protection costs as little as a cup of coffee per asset protected !

The Benefits of Relying on Identa's Patented Forensic Asset Protection Solutions are Directly Proportionate to the High Value of the Assets They Protect!