Positive ID for recovery of stolen assets

Proof / assurance of asset ownership

Vehicles: cars, recreational vehicles, valuable parts, engines 

Proof of authenticity for branded / trademarked products

Personal: high value assets – jewelry, cameras, art, antiques

Automotive component marking

Spray or Wipe Solution Onto Asset

      Forensic marking solution  is

      quick, clean and safe to apply, with

      no visual impact to the asset

Mobile Service / Repair Fleets

Automotive:   Yamaha Engine Marking                               Wynn's

Sample Solution Spray Applicator

   Typically 30+ individual asset

            markings in a capsule

   Costs less than a cup of coffee

            per asset marked!


Broad Range of Forensic Commercial and Personal Asset Marking Applications

"Overt": Simple to Identify

      Asset can be marked in

      a single spot, known

      only to you

Computer & Comm Hardware

Secure forensic marker identification for mobile assets

Commercial: high value tools and instruments

       -  electronic test and service / repair equipment

       -  law enforcement equipment, weapons 

       -  medical examination and test instruments

       -  musical instruments (academies, schools, rentals)
       -  computer / comm hardware (school labs, lease)

Sample Commercial Applications 

      High Value Easily Portable Assets:    Snap-On Tools

"Overt":  General Spray Coverage on Asset

      Forensic marking solution can be sprayed

       over a larger surface area for even easier

       asset ID

Yamaha engine: Naked eye

Medical Instruments                           Musical Instruments

Simple to Apply ... and Easy to Validate With the Optional "Overt" Feature

Yamaha engine: Under UV light

Tel.:  1-866-282-9560


If it's worth recovering...

... it's worth protecting!