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Forensic Certification

Identa DNA's solutions have been tested and validated by a leading Canada's DNA test Laboratory. If you would like a copy of the report please request by email.

Brian Dixon


B.Sc. Chemistry. Brian is a former section head of both the Electronics and Chemistry Sections, Center of Forensic Sciences (CFS). He has written several publications presented nationally, and has been called to give forensic testimony at all levels of the court, in the United Kingdom, Canada and New York State. Mr. Dixon was lecturer at the University of Toronto for two forensic programmers and currently an independent consultant.



Mr. Alastair Russell has a broad business and technical background. After graduating from Ryerson University in Business Administration, Mr. Russell worked with several international companies in Marketing, including the start-up with Memorex Canada. Mr. Russell has pioneered the introduction of asset security marking systems, SmartWater in Canada in 1997. It is the experience gained in marketing of SmartWater products for 7 years that led to the development of a new forensic product to be named as IdentaDNA. He is co-jointly responsible with his partners for the identaDNA development program.

ouR team

COmpany Description

Airstream Group, with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, was incorporated under the Laws of Canada in 1985. The company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alastair Russell, has a formal business background in consumer products and the aerospace industry. He pioneered the introduction of asset security marking system, SmartWater, in Canada in 1997. The experience gained in marketing of SmartWater products for 7 years has led to the development of a new patented forensic product IdentaDNA. The Corporation is backed by a team of people with a number of years of experience in the Forensic field. IdentaDNA was incorporated in 2005. It relates to a product that was invented over 25 years ago that used chemicals to provide a forensic solution for marking assets. This product was primarily oriented for commercial applications. The product required very extensive analysis to prove ownership of the assets.

The concept of the patented IdentaDNA product was developed by Mr. Alastair Russell after watching the movie Jurassic Park where the genetic preservation allowed modern day scientists to extract the dinosaur's genetic code. This inspired the idea of containing and preserving DNA in a solution. The product, called, IdentaDNA, is a solution (Patented) which holds an individual's DNA in suspension for the purpose of marking personal assets. The DNA solution is available in either overt or covert format and can have UV tracers added to the solution. Covert solution can be identified with the application of UV light. IdentaDNA solution can be used with delicate or extremely valuable items such as wills, paintings, jewelry, musical instruments, stock certificates and other valuable documents.

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